April 18, 2013

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CYCLE was born in 2000 from the vision and ambitions of Andrea Bertin and Elena Boaretto, two young Italian fashion designers as well as today’s Creative Directors of the brand. In just ten years, CYCLE has become a well known international brand, stocked @ all most important avant-garde boutiques. The two young designers come from the Italian Veneto region, a land with a long-standing Made-in-Italy tradition, and have a profound experience and specific know-how in the pret-a-porter and luxury denim world thanks to the years spent with passion and dedication with some of the most important Italian fashion brands.

Andrea and Elena, each with their own personality and experience, work as a single creative spirit with a perfect balance between design and technique. Andrea designs menswear and has a thorough technical background stretching from manufacture to washes, perfectly combining tradition, research and innovation. Elena designs womenswear and has a strong creative spirit that brings to life the most innovative shapes and proportions as a perfect expression of “CYCLE” products.

Italservices Spa, the locally-based company leader in the denim sector that is now producing and distributing the brand, has literally made the difference making an ambitious dream come true and bringing the brand to success season after season.

CYCLE comes from an intuition, from Andrea’s and Elena’s determination to re-invent, re-interpret, re-define, or else give a new life cycle to styles, trends and long forgotten or unusual clothes or accessories. This revisitation is approached with a fully avant-garde spirit that makes each and every collection perfectly in line with the changing needs of global markets; hence the idea to mix shapes and fabrics, treatments and washes resulting in a completely unique and innovative product that makes CYCLE one and only in its kind.

CYCLE design is a combination of tailoring, streetwear and casualwear. Both collections, Men’s and Women’s, have swiflty evolved into a structured total look with strong personality; the wide denim offer, traditional core part of the brand, has been matched by a proposal of outerwear, knitwear, pants and skirts, as well as of dresses, shirts and leather. Starting from 2011, CYCLE total look is completed by an exclusive shoe and accessory collection fully representing CYCLE spirit.

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